Guide Dogs NSW/ACT Charity Art Auction - in association with the City of Sydney Chinese New Year Celebrations - Sale 8479G - Lot 66


5 March 2018, [clock31407522]

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Lot 66
Luke Merrill - Untitled.
An elderly man stood alone in the corner of a dark pub, staring out a window with a blank, distant look upon his face. His shoulders were hunched over and knees crumpled. Every day, a new patron sat with this man, to try to discover the reason he just sat and stared all day. He told them all the same story, about a mysterious dog who could lead you to all the happiness and wealth you deserve. The dog from this story was a majestical creature, who roamed the earth searching for the next lucky soul. A shady gentleman asked the man one day, "What does this dog look like, where can I find it?" The man replied, "I'm blind, I don't know what it looks like! You cannot find this dog, but it can find you." Years passed and the shady man had been searching everywhere for this dog. He returned to the pub where the elderly man once stood. He wasn't there - in his place, sat a Guide Dog staring out the window. He walked over to the dog and started patting its head. He stared out the window with the biggest and brightest smile anyone had ever seen. "This art dog was commissioned by Guide Dogs NSW/ACT to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the charity and Chinese New Year of the Dog 2018. The artist has utilised an official Guide Dogs coin Donation Dog - one of the iconic collection boxes which have stood in Australian supermarkets and stores for over 40 years. Donation Dogs are rarely available for sale and have been decommissioned for use by the artist."
Estimate $100-200