7 February 2017 - 11:00

Sale 8319 - This sale is closed for bidding
Sale 8319 - Lot 317 - Cameo Pin

Lot 317, 7 February 2017

Cameo Pin

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Date: 7 Feb 2017 11:00
Location: Mezzanine, Lawsons Leichhardt
Phone: 61-2 9566 2377

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View from 8am Tuesday 7th Feb, on the mezzanine, auction commences at 10am.

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Sale Comments

Would you like to own something that's going to be featured on an International Television Show?

What about buying something that’s been
hand-picked by a top Antiques Expert?

The contents of a three-week shopping trip by leading Antiques Experts
filming a new International Television Show is up for Auction this Tuesday
and Wednesday …and you’re invited to buy it!

Come along to Lawson’s Auctions this Tuesday or Wednesday to be part of two Special Auction Days being filmed for a new and exciting 10 part TV series. The production team is looking for buyers and browsers who’d like to come along on either day. The auctions will form an integral part of the TV show - the items up for sale have been specially selected by leading Antiques Experts over the past three weeks during a shopping trip that took in antique shops and centres from Canberra to Toowoomba.

There will be more than 100 items from the filming of the show for you to bid on and take home with you, or you can simply watch behind the scenes as the professionals do their job!

Australian antiques expert Alan Carter will be hosting the filming and British antiques expert and TV presenter Eric Knowles, who is currently holidaying in Australia, is making a guest appearance on both days (no doubt to heckle Alan).

And both Alan and Eric have agreed to set aside a window of time where they’ll be happy to pose for selfies or sign the odd autograph. Filming starts at 10am and ends around 6pm and there will be plenty to see all day.

Who knows, you might even be invited to be part of the programme – the crew will be looking for interesting buyers to interview as part of the show! (You won’t be filmed if you don’t want to be). To be part of this exciting experience, simply come along to Lawsons at 8-16 Moore St in Leichhardt,

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